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About Us

Sukna ventures is a Saudi-based venture studio and fund. We invest by partnering with entrepreneurs and seasoned experts to build and back high-growth start-ups in tomorrow’s most promising industries.


Building from the ground-up.

Focusing on the earliest stages of venture creation, we spark ideas in-house and test them to reach concepts with real market appeal. This way, we make sure our founders are focused and targeted.

Funding all the way to take-off.

By writing meaningful investment checks, we make sure that cash runways are long enough to support founders while they work on their core agenda, from developing the product to meeting customer needs - Building a business.

Setting up ventures for continuous growth.

We believe that creating impactful businesses that scale requires focus and disciplined execution. We empower our founders to lead with agility while we make sure the appropriate support functions, infrastructure, mentoring and coaching are consistently available.


We build, partner and invest in ventures with meaningful impact. We focus on the Sports & Entertainment and Health & Wellness sectors. We also invest in enabling technologies (AI/ML, FinTech, etc.) that drive the performance of our ventures and develop the ecosystem.

  • Online Adventure Experience Marketplace

  • Speciality Oncology Imaging Material Producer

  • The future of Tech learning and recruitment

  • Social Collaboration Community & Platform


Founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs, investment professionals and corporate executives, we bring a pragmatic approach to venture building with data-driven decision making.

  • Fares Bardeesi

    Managing Partner

  • Asher Siddiqui

    Partner & Board Member

  • Hattan Tashkandi

    Founding Partner, Chief Executive Officer – Mishkat

  • Ahmed Kamran


  • Amr Bardeesi

    Partner, Chief Executive Officer – Pheel